Five Gadgets for Visually Impaired
Five Gadgets for Visually Impaired That Aim to Usher in a Ray of Hope in Their Lives
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Now there are gadgets which will ensure the life of blind people is not all darkness. Here we will explore five gadgets for visually impaired which can usher in a ray of hope in the darkness blind people get used to. These gadgets are proving to be quite useful for blind as well as partially sighted people. Let us find out more about them in the following sections.

Five Gadgets for Visually Impaired

Gadget #1: AVSG (Assisted Vision Smart Glasses)

Assisted Vision Smart Glasses

These smart glasses aim to allow people with little sight comfortably walk around in unfamiliar places as well as identify obstacles with relative ease.

It is useful for blind people who still have some sight remaining and it is also possible to tune the glasses as per user’s requirements. These smart glasses consist of 2 small cameras, OLED displays, a compass, a gyroscope, a headphone and a GPS unit.

The smart glasses process incoming data and then make use of it in different ways. As for instance, for showing depth the glasses can make use of brightness. If you have some sight remaining, then these glasses have the capability of making things closer to you brighter so that it becomes easier for you to distinguish obstacles and people.

Assisted Vision Smart Glasses blind

The camera along with right software and computing module is also capable of reading signs as well as recognize numbers on a nearby bus and in addition to it, directions can be provided using the GPS module.

There are plans to include machine learning into the device so that it becomes easier to recognize objects such as a coffee mug.  Moreover, machine learning can also help you with navigating properly inside a house and guide you about where the exit is. Additionally, when you are approaching the door, the smart glasses can highlight the door handle, so that it becomes easier for you to grab the same.

AI Glasses

AI Glasses

These smart glasses make use of artificial intelligence as well as computational geometry and ultrasound methods to help visually impaired people see. The good thing about these glasses is that they can function for as much as 4 hours non-stop before needing a recharge.

Here, glasses are combined with GPS technology and sound sensors to provide spoken directions to you. In addition to it, the glasses are able to recognize currency denominations, identify colors, read signs and help you do many other tasks. Moreover, machine learning is employed for recognizing different objects and places.

Last but not the least, it is able to detect translucent obstacles (such as glass doors) due to the fact that the AI glasses make use of ultrasound.

Gadget #3: Braille eBook Reader

Braille ebook reader


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