Headliner turns podcasts into videos
Headliner, a Browser Based Software That is Capable of Turning Podcast Clips into Videos That You Can Share on Social Media Platforms
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Podcasts makes it easier to discuss topics in-depth without having to worry about how they are to be squeezed into thirty or sixty second clips. But, subsequently you will face problems with promoting such long conversations on social media platforms.

This problem has been tackled head-on by a firm named SpareMin. Let us go through all the details in the next few sections.

Headliner Turns Podcasts into Videos

SpareMin has released a browser-based software called Headliner which is capable of transforming any type of audio clip into a video.

As such, if there is particular clip that is quite interesting then you can create a promotional video out of it within a few seconds.

Started as an Experiment

Co-founder of SpareMin, Oliver Wellington recently mentioned that initial version of Headliner was developed as an experiment but decided to further enhance the same after major publishers showed interest in the same ranging from BBC to Comedy Central and Guardian.


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