What is so special about Nintendo Labo
How Nintendo Labo Uses Cardboard to Create Remarkable Toys That Kids Would Love to Play With?
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Soon (April 20, 2018 to be exact) Nintendo is going to release customized software along with foldable cardboards which, when attached with detachable controllers of Nintendo Switch, will allow you to make your own toys such as a small car which utilizes vibrations from controller for crawling around, a robot suit or your own fishing rod.

All these kits have been named Nintendo Labo. Let us examine details that make these toys quite unique.

What is so special about Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo Labo refers to cardboard toys which kids will be able to build on their own and get immersed in gaming world. These toys have Switch screen in the middle and are controlled by Switch Toy-Cons.

How it works?

Nintendo Labo is a combination of Nintendo Switch and the fun as well as excitement of do-it-yourself creations.

As for instance, you can purchase a cardboard fishing pole, add the Nintendo Switch console for powering the fishing pole up.

Moreover, you get the flexibility of customizing all your creations as well as think of new ways of playing a game.

Customization Options


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