floor sensors to track movement of people
How Retail Stores Can Benefit from Floor Sensors That Track Movement of People While They are at a Retail Store?
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New technology available now will make it possible for store floors to start tracking where their customers are walking while they are inside the store. Let us delve into details of how this will work.

Floor Sensors to Track Movement of People

This can be a unique technique which store fronts can utilize for data collection. At present, clicks on their website gives online retailers rich insight into behavior of consumers and in similar fashion physical stores will be able to use these floor sensors for tracking movement of people.

Apart from retail stores, these floor sensors (conceptualized by a firm named Scanalytics) can be used at other places such as office buildings for reducing energy expenditure as well as inside nursing homes for determining whether someone has fallen.

However, retail stores are going to primarily benefit from this technology and will be able to properly comprehend consumer habits while they are inside their stores.


Few of the spheres where this data can prove to be useful for retail stores would include:

  • Get a granular insight into wherefrom visitors are entering
  • What they are doing while inside the store
  • Which are the aisles which are not being visited by consumers
  • Which are the shelves that are not performing that well

Use of This Technology

The benefit of this technology is that it can be combined with other methods to achieve desired results. As for instance, when a visitor is close to a product, the store can instantly send a coupon to that visitor so as to lure him or her into purchasing that product.

Another good example of application of this technology would be to track how long a visitor is standing in front of a digital display.


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