MIT Succeeds in Developing an Ink Which Can Change Color of Objects That Have Been 3D Printed
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MIT has been successful in developing ink which will be able to change any 3D printed object’s color. Its applications? Well, in future you will be able to modify color of your bracelet or shirt so that it matches color of your outfit.

Let us go through details of how this would be possible.

Ink That Can Change Color of Objects

The technique is known as ColorFab and can be utilized for recoloring any 3D printed object even when they have already been printed once. This has become possible due to a technique that combines hardware, software as well as a specialty 3D ink.

This method can prove to be useful in reducing waste since it will not be necessary to print again just for the sake of changing the color.

What is the benefit of this technology?

This technology will be primarily useful for designers as well as manufacturers who spend a lot of time, money and energy on design re-printing in case the outcome is not as desired. Thus, it will help in minimizing waste that gets generated when products are updated.

How this method works?

Here a special 3D printable ink is utilized which is able to change color when the color is exposed to Ultra-violet (UV) light. More importantly, this new color remain on the object even when the UV light source is removed.



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