Probable Reasons Why Microsoft Is Giving Away Windows 10 For Free


The company that has never been known for selling its operating systems for free has made a rapid transition this year when it announced that it would be giving away its brand new operating system as a free upgrade for every qualified Windows user. In all probability, the reason behind the same can be attributed to the failure of Windows 8 in garnering a unified user base. Every user of Windows 8 or Windows 7 who is currently operating an illegitimate copy of Windows will also be able to upgrade to a copy of Windows 10 for free.

Further the move might be aiming to convert all pirate users of Windows to legitimate users in one clean sweep. Rather than trying to develop anti-piracy measures by spending millions Microsoft seeks to curb piracy in hope that users will shell out money from their wallets for other applications present on the platform. Moreover the move is probably a big one and expensive one too and is a clear indication of the fact that the company is moving towards seeing its operating system not as a product.

If Microsoft is offering Windows for free, it implies that more people will upgrade to the latest version thereby giving enough impetus to the developers to work much faster and create user popular applications. By selling apps through its own store, Microsoft seeks to increase its own profit allowing it to take a share out of the same just like Apple. The more developers want to sell apps for Windows phones and computers, and the more people that use them, the more money that comes back to Microsoft.

Expectedly, a free upgrade of Windows will invariably lead to more people signing up for Microsoft accounts in order to make use of recent services like the newly introduced online storage device such as OneDrive. If Microsoft can get people into using its products, they will buy more; a strategy which was successfully and effectively employed by Apple and so the move could drive purchases of new devices after all. Lastly, there can be two further possible motives for allowing pirated versions of Windows to be upgraded for free. Microsoft appears to be going through a transition in terms of the Windows business model. It’s also possible that Microsoft could pull the plug on those pirated versions of Windows 10 at some point in the future.

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