Revolutionary Xeros Washing Machine and How it Can Reduce Your Water Bills
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Xeros washing machine is considered a revolution in laundry industry. Let us see how it can help in reducing your monthly water bills.

Xeros a Special Washing Machine

Its outside appearance is just like of any other front-loading washing machine. However, it boasts of a unique system which makes it possible for the washing machine to:


  • Makes it possible for the washing machine to wash all the laundry using polymer beads.
  • Take the beads off from laundry as the clothes are cleaned and the beads can then be used for new wash cycles.
  • Achieve considerable saving in terms of energy, water and detergents during every wash.

Let us look at how this system works.

The Process of Polymer Bead Washing System

Bead Storage


Xeros washing machine makes use of special storage system for storing the beads in-between wash cycles. The storage section is kept separate from wash drum housing and such separation assists the machine in staying balanced while high speed washing takes place.


Moreover, bead storage sump has been designed in such a way that beads can be easily carried to drum at the time of wash. Additionally, the storage sump is designed in such a way that beads can be quickly cleaned after heavy usage.

Moving of Beads

Moving the beads


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