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Sci-fi to Practical Use – Invisibility Cloaks Becoming Reality
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Till now invisibility cloaks were only seen in movies such as Harry Potter and Star Trek but now there is technology available which will transform Sci-fi into reality.

Now there is material available which has been specifically designed and this material will be able to mask itself when any type of light falls upon it. Let us dig deeper and check how this technology works.

Invisibility Cloaks Becoming Reality

invisibility cloaks becoming reality

Some physicist from Technical University in Vienna have tried to guide light waves all through a specific object so that it appears that the object is not present at its place.

To accomplish this task physicists have used special wave technology in conjunction with certain materials.

Here a laser beam is reflected over a material from top with the aim of altering properties of the material. This in turn helps to make it transparent to light of other wavelength falling on it from other sides.

The aim here is to beam a ray of light having right pattern and this pattern needs to correspond exactly with inner regularities present in that item which will be scattering the light.



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