technological advances in medicine
Technological Advances in Medicine That are Worth Keeping Note of
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Technology is improving at a fast rate and its use in medicine is creating new possibilities. Our aim here will be to explore such possibilities which can help in improving your life.

Technological Advances in Medicine

#1: Google Contact Lens

Google Contact Lens

This is a digital contact lens which Google has received patent for and it can prove to be very helpful in diabetes management. The main reason it is considered a major technological advancement is that these lenses can be used for measurement of blood glucose levels using tears.

#2: Cyborgs


We already have few well-known examples of real life cyborgs and their presence will not be limited just to science fiction movies.

Advances in medical technology will not only help in fixing physical disadvantages like impairment of eyesight, such advances will help in creation of super human powers such as eyesight like that of an eagle.

#3: 3D Printing


Efforts are on to accomplish the task of 3D printing of living cells and in the future, we may well see 3D printing of drugs. Moreover, it is not long before simple organs and bionic ears will get printed at patient’s home itself.

#4: Intelligent Surgical Knife



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