What are the 7 Main Technology Trends 2017 Worth Keeping an Eye On?


Technology is helping to improve our lives and enhance our productivity. In 2017, we can expect technology to improve further and the trends we are noticing till now indicate that we have promising advancements in store for us this year. So, let us delve into details of few of the technology trends 2017 that we can expect to come into limelight.

Technology Trends 2017 That are Worth Keeping an Eye On

Trend #1: Smart Home Tech and Internet of Things (IoT)

internetofthingsA lot has been said about Internet of Things and the interconnection it will result in between varied smart home technologies available today. But there is something holding us up from living in a completely connected and smart home. So, what it is?

Well, the main problem is lack of collaboration between various apps and appliances available today and some kind of solution which will be able to tie all the strings together.

However, things are expected to change in the near future since now some of the big names such as Apple, Google and Amazon are also getting involved and everyone is anticipating significant advancements in this field, making it one of the most popular tech trends 2017.

Trend #2: Augmented and Virtual Reality

vertualrealityTechnology advancements are occurring at a rapid pace in the field of virtual reality and augmented reality. Last year we saw release of Oculus Rift, several virtual reality games and apps as well as release of other augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go.

Things are expected to improve even further next year with everything having their VR and AR versions.

Trend #3: Machine Learning

machinelearningOne of the emerging technology trends we need to keep an eye on is machine learning since it is improving at a fast rate and its progress can be judged from the fact that even Google is using machine learning for its search engine algorithm.

In addition to it, machine learning is expected to develop further and become available for varied consumer applications, whether you are planning to provide better product recommendations to users according to their previous buying history or enhancing consumer experience offered on analytic apps.

Trend #4: Automation

automationAutomation is expected to take over tasks which were usually performed by people. As for instance, we have witnessed advent of robotic journalists and such progression is expected in other fields of work as well.

The good thing about such automation is that it will help in increasing productivity for many different tasks. In conjunction with machine learning, automation can certainly help in improving our performance.

Trend #5: Big Data (Humanized)

bigdataFor more than 5 years now, big data has been in news and attracting focus towards itself. Main idea here is to utilize available data for everything we do, ranging from improved medical treatments to planning, enhanced marketing campaigns and everything in-between.

In 2017, we can expect more advancements in big data which will help in humanizing big data so that we have highly qualitative data which can be projected in a visualized manner.

Trend #6: Digital-Physical Integration

dashbuttonsamazonSo far we have seen advancements in technology which now allows use of features such as site to store buying that lets you buy online and pick up the product from a retail store.

We will witness further integration in 2017 between digital as well as physical realities and we already have some companies such as Amazon showing us how it can be used, establishing it as among leading tech trends 2017. The Dash Buttons from Amazon are a good example of how such integration will occur. Similarly, physical stores such as Walmart can try out online integration in the form of product trials and store maps.

Trend #7: EOD (or Everything on Demand)

everythingondemandAnother of the emerging technology trends worth mentioning here is EOD. Nowadays, people are getting habituated to getting everything on demand using their smartphone apps. Now it is relatively easy to book cabs, get food delivered to your door step and book a hotel. The technology is expected to develop even further and help to improve our lives.

As we can see, several innovations and technological advancements are shaping our lives and helping to carve out a better future for us.

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