4320p 7680x4320 pixels 8k TV
When Will 4320p 7680×4320 pixels 8K TV be Available and What Would be the Source of 8K Content for Such TV?
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Very soon we are going to see the advent of 4320p 7680×4320 pixels 8k TV and in addition to it, in the next few years we may well have 8K images as well as VR headsets. So, what is this 8K actually? How it is different from 4k? let us get all the answers in the following sections.

An Effort to Understand More About 4320p 7680×4320 pixels 8k TV

Many people are predicting that 8K TVs would be going on sale for the first time during CES 2018. But, that is only a prediction and we will have to wait and watch to see how things unfold.

So, let us now delve into details of what is 8K.

What is 8K?

8K means you will be able to view videos having clearest pictures since 8K video will have extra 4K pixels in images it would render. This will become possible due to the high resolution 8K images and videos would have of 7680×4320 pixels, equating to a whopping 33,177,600 pixels.

What is 8K called?

Normally, people call it just 8K since the images this technology produces results in images and videos which are about 8,000 pixels wide. However, the 8K specification falls under a broader term, known as Ultra HD (UHD) and as such, many people also call it Ultra HD 8K.

What is the significance of having such high pixel count for images and videos?

When you are viewing images in a TV capable of rendering 1080p full HD, you are effectively viewing the images in 2MP. This does not provide the kind of viewing experience we get on present day smartphones which are capable of displaying images at a higher mega pixel value.

Moving to the next step, we have TVs capable of displaying images in 4K, which equates to an image quality of 8MP. But, it is still far less than the quality of images/videos a human eye is capable of viewing. Thus, now we are progressing towards 4320p 7680×4320 pixels 8k TVs with 33MP capability and these TVs would be able to come closer to quality we can expect from images and videos of future, to provide us an immersive viewing experience.

When we can expect 4320p 7680×4320 pixels 8k TV to be available?


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