2018 for bitcoin
2018 is Going to be Pivotal Year for Bitcoin According to Tech Legend Roger McNamee
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One of the Facebook investors and co-founder of Elevation Partners (a venture capital firm), Roger McNamee considers 2018 is going to be a pivotal year for Bitcoin. Moreover, according to Roger if Bitcoin is able to last as well as gain value then even a crash will not be able to prevent it from turning into a legitimate business.

2018 for Bitcoin – The Predictions

Tech legend Roger McNamee wouldn’t own bitcoin here from CNBC.

“It is still a considerably small market if we compare it with larger financial sphere, however, Bitcoin had a huge year. It has been so due to speculative mania,” Roger said on Thursday during Fast Money show on CNBC which is hosted by Melissa Lee.

“If this speculative mania continues for long enough then it is likely that it will turn into self-fulfilling concept. After that, even if Bitcoin crashes, it will become a legitimate industry.” Roger said.


Source: CoinDesk



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