Elon Musk is Not Giving Away Ether for Free to Twitter Users – An Insight into How Scammers Perpetrated the Scam!
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The scammers had also created a good number of fake accounts just for the sake of convincing people about legitimacy of the scam. As for instance, accounts like @PaulWinbush and @MarieMa38924400 have only a handful or even worse just a single post.


Moreover, all these accounts have been created in a span of couple of months only.

Checking the Transactions

When legitimacy of the ETH address was checked (using a legit service such as Etherscan), it was noticed that there were no outgoing transaction but a lot of incoming ones.

As of this writing, this account had about 20 ETH which was roughly about $39,000 and clearly indicated that many people had been scammed.


Twitter has now suspended the account and hopefully no more people will be losing their valuable cryptocurrency possession.

This scam tells us that we need to be more vigilant, especially when it comes to protecting our hard earned money!


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