ether goes past $1000
Ether Continues Its Upward Movement and Climbs Over $1000 Mark
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Ether continues to maintain its upward movement and rose above $1000 yesterday to attain an all time high. Ether as one of the leading cryptocurrencies has experienced excellent growth in 2017 and climbed by as much as 13,000% all throughout the last year.

Ether Price Rise

There are several reasons why Ether has been experiencing a steady growth.

First of all, Ethereum as a leading decentralized application platform has established its position in the market.

Secondly, many of the ICOs are playing their role in pushing price of Ether even higher since sale of several of these digital tokens depends upon cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, ICO participants usually exchange Ether in return for any digital token that is available for sale. In addition to it, many of the investors are buying Ether while anticipating such token sales.


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