Five Aspects in Which Ethereum is Better Than Bitcoin
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There are five important aspects in which Ethereum is better than Bitcoin. What are those aspects? Let us find out in the next few sections.

Five Aspects in Which Ethereum is Better Than Bitcoin

Aspect #1: Mining Process

First of the aspects we will look into is related to mining process used by both the cryptocurrencies. When it comes to Ethereum, you can mine Ether using GPUs which stand for graphics processing units or simply known as graphics cards.

On the other hand, for mining Bitcoin you need to make use of expensive as well as customized ASICs which stand for application specific integrated circuits. Thus, the continually growing expenditure related to mining of Bitcoin means it is now becoming a task that only venture capitalist backed companies are able to perform.

In addition to it, Ethereum community is also planning to start using proof of stake (POS) instead of proof of work (POW). The good thing about POS is that here you as a user will have to only hold ether that is required for mining rather than the need to purchase costly hardware.

Aspect #2: Unlimited Block Sizes

The limit on block size that is implemented on Bitcoin has gradually turned into an obstacle with the growing adoption of this cryptocurrency. Moreover, there is no agreement within the Bitcoin community about how block size of Bitcoin is to be scaled.



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