Online Media Ads and their Ad Dimensions for Computers and Mobile


One of the Major sources of earning for any Website or an App is through Display Advertising where they sell their available Ad space to various Advertisers or Ad networks. There are different type of Ads which websites run based on what kind of Content they provide like for Videos they run Video ads, or if it’s a Mobile App then mobile Ads etc.  Understanding what are the ad dimensions (ads width and height) and kind of ads running on publishers (website) is important for any Advertiser or Marketer. Display advertising ad file format will be either Image, Gif or Flash Ads. Acceptable file formats are .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .SWF. This ad size can appear at the top, in the middle, or on the bottom of the page.

Below is the list of Type of Ads and their dimensions which usually any Website or App has:

For Computers:

Name Width(px) Height(px)
Square 250 250
Small Square 200 200
Banner 468 60
Leader Board 728 90
Medium Rectangle 300 250
Large Rectangle 336 280
Sky Scraper 120 600
Wide SkyScraper 160 600
Half-Page Ad 300 600
Large LeaderBoard 970 90
Half Banner 234 60
Vertical Banner 120 240
Portrait 300 1050
Bill  Board 970 250
Small Rectangle 180 150
Button 125 125
Vertical Rectangle 240 400
Button 1 120 90
Button 2 120 60


 For Mobiles:

Name Width Height
Mobile LeaderBoard 320 50
Small Square 200 200
Square 250 250
Large Mobile Banner 320 100


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