7 features of Windows 10 that are definitely better than previous Versions
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The recently launched Windows 10 has seemed to garner attention of a lot of people courtesy its impressive interface and introduction of impressive features. Notably after Windows 8 disaster Microsoft by launching Windows 10 attempts to rectify the faulty and lackluster platform called Windows 8. Windows 10 is finally upon us and whether you’ve upgraded your system or not here are the 10 features which you cannot afford to miss out upon.

1. Start Menu : 

Window-10-StartMenuWindows 10 marks the reentry of the much loved start menu which was disabled and ignored in Windows 8. In addition to the start menu bearing a strong resemblance to Windows 7 there is the additional obvious option of Metro style Live Tiles. In the latest version the start menu has some updated graphics and can optionally go full screen. Further you can start typing as soon as you open the Start menu to find an app and launch it by name. The Start menu also allows you the option to pin a frequently used app to the Start Menu alongside your other tiles.

2. Windows own version of Siri: Cortana :

Windows-10-CortonaCortana is one of the highlight features of Windows 10. Cortana is a digital assistant, which can be said to be equivalent to Siri and Google Now present in Iplatforms and android platforms respectively. The introduction of Cortana in PCs and Tablets by Microsoft aims at making the entire experience of the user more interactive and responsive. Cortana made its debut as a digital assistant in Windows Phone and now has been incorporated into PCs and Tablets. Arguably Cortana is Windows polarizing feature which possess the ability to provide a summary of all the things which we need to know, such as news, the weather and other local interests. Notwithstanding the above Cortana also provides for the option of Dictation thereby allowing the user to efficiently multitask.

3. Replacing Internet Explorer with Edge :

Windows-10--EdgeMicrosoft’s new browser referred to as Edge will officially replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Strikingly, the new browser features a reading mode and the ability to annotate, either with a keyboard, pen or a finger and Cortana integration. Built around the concept of interoperability Edge aims at providing its users faster access to data. Nevertheless as far as the reviews go, Edge seemingly does not seem to have the edge over its arch rival Chrome.

4. It’s Free :


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