Acer .39 inch Swift 7
Acer .39 inch Swift 7 Laptop – Review of a Masterpiece That is Worth the Admiration
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The .39 inch Swift 7 is one the thinnest laptops you will ever use and also boasts of a sleek, lightweight design as well as several other exciting features that you will find hard to resist. So, let us delve into details of some of the interesting features it has in this review.

The Thinnest Laptop – Acer .39 inch Swift 7 Review

Superior Design and Finish

Modernistic Colors: This laptop comes with inner surface in golden color and the exterior has a black aluminum finish to give it an exciting and modernistic design.

Streamlined Style: The designers painstakingly crafted the rounded corners as well as the chamfered edges along laptop’s touch pad so that the design gets an added touch of depth.

acer laptop windows hello

.39 inch Swift 7 Features



Apart from its design, the .39 inch Swift 7 is also quite powerful in terms of performance due to presence of latest features and hardware specifications. Let us go through the details here.

  • Windows Hello: Now you will not have to remember passwords since due to Windows Hello integration, you will be able to unlock your laptop in most secured way. Moreover, there is Cortana working as your digital personal assistant to help you out whenever you need any kind of assistance.
  • Battery Life: You can almost forget about charging your laptop since .39 inch Swift 7 provides almost nine hours of battery life, which means you can be on the move with your laptop all around the town without having to worry about your laptop’s battery draining out.

Acer TrueHarmony

  • Wireless Speed: It will be possible for you to experience almost three times faster wireless connection due to MU-MIMO technology being utilized by laptop’s 2×2 802.11ac configuration.
  • gorillaglassSuperior Visuals: You can be sure of clear visuals due to .39 inch Swift 7 laptop’s full HD display of 13.3 inch (with Corning Gorilla Glass which offers better damage resistance and withstand drops better in comparison to other glasses) that makes use of IPS technology. Moreover, it makes use of Acer Color Intelligence which is able to modify saturation and gamma automatically on real time basis. This technology also optimizes brightness, screen color as well as saturation without problems such as oversaturation and clipping.


  • Excellent Sounds: Songs will sound even better on your Acer laptop due to virtual surround sound made possible by Acer TrueHarmony and Dolby Audio Premium that work in conjunction to provide you with immersive sounds.
  • The Ports: Swift 7 contain two USB port (Type-C and USB 3.1) which make faster data transfer a possibility. You can also use these ports for device charging as well as for display output using a single reversible cable.

Precision Touchpad

  • The Touchpad: .39 inch Swift 7 also has a Precision Touchpad that is pretty wide and allows you to easily click and scroll with greater accuracy.

.39 inch Swift 7 Performance

No Fan Noise: It makes use of a meagre 4.5W TDP, which means there is no need for active cooling as such you do not have to bother about fan noise.Excellent Multi-tasking: During tests the laptop is able to easily carry out multitasking tasks and performance is also good when basic tasks are performed like opening documents, browsing the web or playing videos.


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