CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review
CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review for Gamers Looking for Something Special That Can Provide Jaw Dropping Experience
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A gamers delight, it is a monitor with sharpest screen, provides excellent image quality, lets you use its 140Hz speed and much other. Let us delve into all the details in the following sections in our CHG90 QLED gaming monitor review.

CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review – A Monitor with Jaw Dropping Features

Quantum Dot Color Technology | Curved Display | Radeon FreeSync 2 (AMD) | HDR

samsungCHG90monitorreviewIn recent years ultra wide monitors have become quite popular and Samsung is sure to beat the competition with its new gaming monitor CHG90, which at 49 inches is nothing less than being simply awesome.

In addition to it, it also has an astonishing aspect ratio of 32:9 that is most suitable for monitor’s curved display.

It is also a very versatile monitor that you will ever come across.

  • The monitor gives you the ability to open massive gaming worlds on its 21:9 screen and still have a bit of screen space left.
  • Additionally, you also get the flexibility of using the same monitor as to separate monitors of 16:9 display.

The negative thing about this monitor? Well, you will have to buy a new desk to keep it!

CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review – Refresh Rate and Resolution

We cannot miss the resolution in this CHG90 QLED gaming monitor review since you will not find this type of resolution in other monitors available in the market.

At 3,840×1,080, the monitor lets you easily spilt the screen into 2 displays of 16:9 (full HD). Samsung very well knows that refresh rate and colors are important factors when you are playing a game and as such the monitor offers a refresh rate of 144Hz as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range) colors so that bright areas look brighter while dark section of the screen appear darker.

samsungqledmonitorIf we look at its competitors such as Acer Predator Z35 (35 inch) and Asus ROG PG348Q (34 inch), we find that CHG90 with its QLED technology moves ahead of its competitors since both Acer and Asus monitors make use of IPS panels with a maximum refresh rate of 100Hz (whereas CHG90 QLED offers 144Hz of refresh rate).

Let us now look at design aspects in our CHG90 QLED gaming monitor review.

Design Aspects

This monitor certainly provides intimidating presence due to its wing span of almost 47.36 inches. Moreover, the aspect ratio of 32:9 would oftentimes feel quite overwhelming. However, it is a very functional design which would easily fit into any type of office environment.

CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor Review – The Features and Specification







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