EOS M100 EF-M IS STM review
Read EOS M100 EF-M IS STM Review to Know Why Professional Photographers and Novices Alike Prefer to Buy This Canon Camera
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It is an interchangeable lens camera that is able to provide impressive results with its 24.2MP sensor and a lot many other features that make taking photographs and videos a relatively easy task. Let us delve into the details in our EOS M100 EF-M IS STM review.

EOS M100 EF-M IS STM Review

APS-C Sensor | Tilt Type LCD | Full HD 60p | CMOS AF (Dual Pixel) | NFC | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth

Precise Autofocus

Shots focus nearly instantly due to presence of Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus (AF). Moreover, precise autofocus becomes possible due to availability of phase detection and more importantly the focus remains locked over the subject in photos as well as videos even when the subject is in motion.

High Resolution Images

You are assured of very high-quality images because of camera’s CMOS sensor which is of 24.2MP.24.2 Megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor

High Degree of Connectivity

In this EOS M100 EF-M IS STM review we need to mention excellent connectivity camera has with other devices. As for instance, EOS M100 has Wi-Fi capability which means it is able to transfer files seamlessly to any compatible device through camera connect app.

Wi-Fi Capability

All you will have to do is connect with the app for transferring images to a smart device so that it becomes possible to share and upload images from the connected smart device. In addition to it, the device is also able to print directly onto any wireless Canon printer which is compatible with the smart device.

Last but not the least, it is also possible to exchange data with any other Canon camera that is Wi-Fi compatible.

Intuitive LCD Touchscreen

The camera comes with a three-inch touchscreen LCD monitor that can be titled by 180o so that it becomes possible to take low angle shots or the screen itself can be flipped up when you want to take a selfie.

Intuitive Touchscreen

The touchscreen makes it easy to take a selfie, implement quick focusing and navigate the menus in a seamless manner. In addition to it, using two fingers you can zoom in for checking the details in an image or to focus on something.

Minimal Grain or Noise


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