Sony ILCE α7R III review
Sony ILCE α7R III Review – For High Precision Photography Enthusiasts
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If you are looking for a digital camera with high resolution imaging, superior speed, pro-class operability as well as reliable performance then this will be the right camera for you. In this Sony ILCE α7R III review we will explore many of the features which make it special.

Sony ILCE α7R III camera

Sony ILCE α7R III Review

Sony ILCE α7R III has a compact body, giving you the flexibility to capture splendid shots irrespective of the situation you are in along with pro-style operability. Let us now do a detailed Sony ILCE α7R III review to get an idea of powerful features it has.

  • Sensor and Processor: Taking beautiful images has become easier due to presence of image sensor of 42.4MP Exmor R CMOS sensorand an improved image processor. It is a full frame CMOS sensor (Exmor R) with a design that features back illumination and on-chip lens (gapless) which in turn helps to improve light sensitivity as well as lets you utilize a wider dynamic range.
  • Enjoy Quick Precision: This digital camera doubles effectiveness of AF tracking even when you are doing continuous shooting (at almost 10fps) so that you experience superior camera performance. You are also able to photograph instant actions due to presence of AE/AF tracking.

image stabilization

  • Potential of Portraiture: Due to improved Eye AF it is now possible to focus on as well as track anyone’s eye with 2 times better speed and precision as compared to Sony α7R II. Such precision can be achieved even in situations where the subject is moving or looking away, down or is backlit.

  • Achieve Better Workflow: Handling large data files is easier in Sony ILCE α7R III due to presence of USB 3.1 Gen 1 that makes use of USB connector (Type-C). This facilitates better remote data transfer to a PC and improves studio workflow. This also means that you are able to directly connect the camera with external devices quickly and without any delays. Such faster response becomes possible even during studio shooting where PC tethered flash or shooting is utilized.


  • Varied Resolutions: You are assured overwhelming resolutions, texture reproduction, color fidelity with the help of pixel shift multi shooting so that you are able to properly capture subject’s atmosphere. It also reproduces photographs which have true to life textures, details and colors.
  • New HLG: Sony ILCE α7R III review will remain incomplete if we do not talk about its new HLG feature. Apart from its capability of recording excellent 4k movies of high resolution using 15MP or 5K oversampling, this digital camera also has Hybrid Log Gamma (or HLG) picture profile that supports instant HDR workflow. Using this feature it will become possible for you to take lifelike as well as precise movie images and forget about any type of color grading.


  • Make Use of Oversampling: Now you may well shoot as well as internally record movies (4K) that are oversampled from 15MP or 5k equivalent data with the help of 35mm format. Thus, the outcome produced is beautiful from all angles.
  • Hybrid AF: Hybrid AF available for movies makes it possible to auto focus on subjects that are present in an area that is equivalent in width to that of stills. Moreover, AF systems is also very quick and captures fast moving subjects.
  • Better Image Processing: BIONZ X and front end LSI together assist in boosting processing speed. Moreover, in LSI and BIONZ Xconjunction with Exmor R sensor, they are able to deliver as much as fifteen stop dynamic range while maintaining low ISO sensitivity when you are taking stills, which in turn helps to provide better tonal expression.
  • Noise Reduction: The beauty of this digital camera is that it makes use an extended ISO range of ISO 100-32000 (which can be expanded up to ISO 50-102400). In addition to it, better noise reduction has been achieved within the mid-sensitivity range.
  • Rich Gradation: Sony ILCE α7R III offers rich gradation due to availability of output in 14-bi14-bit RAW outputt RAW format. This format consists of high quality tonal information ranging from highlights to shadows. Additionally, it can be utilized even when you are shooting in continuous or silent mode.
  • High Precision Viewfinder: In this Sony ILCE α7R III review it is necessary to talk about the viewfinder. You get high precision as well as natural viewfinder images due to presence of Quad-VGA OLED (Tru Finder with 3.69 million dots) that is able to provide very high resolution. Furthermore, shooting support is enhanced due to availability of electronic view finder that offers AF capability in case magnified displays are used and also offers higher visibility when you are working in darkness. Additionally, there is Hi quality mode that renders extra fine views.

Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder


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