SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series Review for Those Who are Looking for Something Special

SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review

Looking to buy a laptop? Read the following SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review and you will surely decide to buy this one instead of any other laptop available in the market. Why so? Let us find out.

SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series Review

Crafted from a Single Block of Aluminum

SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series

We would start this SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review by mentioning an interesting fact about this wonderful laptop. Here automated computer controlled processing has been utilized to sculpt this laptop out of a solitary block of aluminum to achieve a chiseled design.

The result is a completely sleek, lean as well as very lightweight powerhouse that you will certainly like to explore.

Size and Weight

SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series Review_sizeweight

It is available in two sizes; one with diagonal length of 13.3 inches and another with diagonal length of 15.6 inch. The 13.3 inch one is quite thin at 13.5mm while the other one is 17.9mm.

In terms of weight, 13.3 inch laptop weighs 2.78lbs and the 15.6 inch one is slightly heavier at 4.42lbs. In addition to it, both are available with different color options to choose from.

Make Use of Windows Ink

Another noteworthy thing to mention about in this SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review is use of Windows Ink.

Let us look at few of the things you can do with Windows Ink:

  • Now you will be able to write as well as draw over your videos and photos.
  • Using Windows Ink it will be possible to draw, write, capture as well as share ideas by using apps such as PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • It can also work like a sketchpad making it possible to doodle, sketch and take all the notes using different types of pens and a virtual ruler.
  • You also be able to draw route and check the distance and also the time that will be required to reach the destination using Windows Maps. The system will also suggest directions for reaching the destination. Moreover, you will be able to add notes and do markup on the map so that you can share them with your friends.
  • Using Windows Edge you will be able to capture anything on the screen and then mark it up with the help of a digital pen. Irrespective of if it is a web page, a document, app or photo, you will be able to take desktop’s screenshot, easily ink things up and then easily share the same with others.

High on Security

Let us look at security aspects in this SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review. There are several security measures which are going to enhance security of your system.

  • You can enable privacy mode by simply pressing F1. The result will be that apart from you, everyone will see that the screen is dark, helping to secure and hide confidential information getting displayed on your system.
  • There is fingerprint reader also which will allow you to easily log into the system at a touch of a finger.
  • Presence of FHD IR camera having a wide angle field of 88 degree means that you can safely log into the computer using Windows Hello.

4 Modes to Use

spectre x360

You can use the laptop in four different modes according to your requirements. What are those 4 modes? Let us go through the details here.

  • Use it to Multitask: Extra wide trackpad as well as backlit keyboard means you can do all your tasks with relative ease.
  • Use it as Tablet: With HP pen, draw or take notes like you do with a pen and paper with relative ease.
  • Use it to Stream Content: It is also ideal for streaming video and other content.
  • Use it in Tent Mode: This mode is ideal for sharing photos as well as giving presentations.

Hardware Specs


  • Processor: As with any other review, SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review will remain incomplete if we do not mention a few things about its processor. SPECTRE x360 guarantees high performance with its 8th Generation Intel Core processor (which has i7/i5 Quad Core U-Series central processing unit (CPU) to facilitate multi-tasking as well as high speeds.
  • Storage: Having storage capacity of 1tb along with flash storage that is PCIe based, you can do and store anything you feel like. In addition to it, the hard drive is almost 17 times faster in comparison to the traditional laptop’s which have 5400rpm.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce of MX150 ensures rendering that is lag free and you can create digital masterpieces with relative ease.

HP SPECTRE x360 laptop

  • Battery: Almost 17 hours of battery life means you can operate all day long without having to worry about recharging the system, whether you are watching that favorite movie or playing a game.
  • Display: A resolution of 3840×2160 along with 8.2m pixels means the laptop is capable of providing jaw dropping experience. Moreover, less bezel means you get to view a larger screen within laptop’s smaller frame.
  • Gorilla Glass: Gorilla Glass means you have a stronger as well as highly durable display that is able to easily withstand daily scrapes as well as bumps.
  • Audio: Quad speakers and audio boost along with custom tuning provides you music that you are able to feel.

It is certainly a power packed laptop with up to 16gb of memory and IR thermal sensor for controlling airflow so that the system remains cool at all times. Additionally, the fast charging capability means you can get 100% charge in just about 90 minutes and move on with your work even when you are not plugged in.

This SPECTRE x360 Quad Core U-series review clearly highlights the fact that it is value for your money and packs a punch when you are looking for a system that can meet your demanding needs.

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