Sprocket plus X7N07A photo printer review
Sprocket Plus X7N07A Photo Printer Review for Those Looking for a Printer They Can Take Anywhere from Beach to Mountains
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Well, we all need to print something from time to time and if you have a pocket-sized printer with you then you can take a print anytime or anywhere you want. You will now be able to accomplish this goal with HP Sprocket. Let us look at some interesting details about this mobile photo printer in our Sprocket plus X7N07A photo printer review.

Sprocket Plus X7N07A Photo Printer Review

It is an ideal portable printer which you can use for printing stickable photos using your mobile device in 2.3×3.4″ or 5.8×8.6cm size. Another noteworthy thing about Sprocket Plus is that it is able to print on 30% larger paper in comparison to its smaller counterpart Sprocket which can print on 2×3″ photo papers.


Few of the notable features we will look into in this Sprocket plus X7N07A photo printer review include:

  • Possibility of Instant Prints: It is possible to easily load images into your printer to take out instant photos irrespective of where you are.
  • Printable Stickers: Another good thing about the photos is that they have peel and stick backing which means you can easily turn the printed photos into exciting and fun stickers.
  • Durable and Bright Prints: HP has ensured that the prints are always full of vibrant colors and are water resistant as well as smudge proof. Last but not the least, they are also tear resistant.

Quick Steps to Print Your Favorite Photos


Step 1: You will have to press as well as hold onto power button till the time LED button in the front turns white.

Step 2: Next step would consist of connecting the printer with your mobile device using Bluetooth.

Step 3: In step 3 you will have to slide back printers lid and then keep the orange card inside the tray with its barcode pointing downwards. After that you will have to load the photo paper into the printer with photo paper’s logo facing downwards.

By implementing these 3 steps you will be ready to print all your favorite photos with relative ease.

Quick Specs

Let us look at different colors for the LED indicator and what they mean.

  • White (for right indicator): On/Idle
  • Red (for left indicator): Charging
  • Green (for left indicator): Fully charged
  • White Blinking (for right indicator): Receiving printing task/Powering on
  • Red Blinking (for right indicator): Printing error

The Faqs


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