Sprocket Plus X7N07A Photo Printer Review for Those Looking for a Printer They Can Take Anywhere from Beach to Mountains
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Here in this Sprocket plus X7N07A photo printer review we will now look at few of the common faqs related to how you need to operate the photo printer.

How to load paper in the printer?

All you will have to do is follow these 4 simple steps to accomplish this task.

Step #1: First thing you will have to do is remove the top cover by pushing it in the opposite direction to the slot for paper output. This way you will be able to release lid of the printer so that paper can be inserted into the photo printer.


Step #2: After that blue Smartsheet is to be inserted into the printer’s paper input tray with its logo and bar code facing downwards. Then you will have to unwrap the containing photo papers and put them inside too. Here also, you will have to put the photo papers with the HP logo facing downwards.


Step #3: Last thing to do will be to put the top cover back on the printer by sliding it into the cutout edge till the time it makes a clicking sound.

By following these three steps you will be ready to start printing your favorite photos. However, you will have to keep note of few points such as:

  • Note 1: Never try to load paper while the printer is powered on.
  • Note 2: Before the first print you will find that the Smartsheet will automatically go through and serves the purpose of cleaning as well as calibrating photo printer for the new paper pack. You should discard this sheet when all sheets in the paper pack have been used up.

What to do if printer is not printing?

Now let us look at likely solutions to this problem in this Sprocket plus X7N07A photo printer review.

reset printer

  • The printer could be off since by default it is supposed to turn off after five minutes of inactivity.
  • Photo printer could be out of charge. When fully charged, the charging indicator will be solid green.
  • Check Bluetooth is on and the mobile device is paired with the printer. You may well turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it on again to fix the problem.
  • Ensure that there are photo papers inside the input tray.
  • Perform an update of the firmware for the printer if such update is available through your smartphone’s HP Sprocket app. Make sure there is at least fifty percent charge before such firmware update is performed.
  • You will find a pin hole close to the charging port. All you will have to do is put a pin into it and press the reset button for resetting the printer and turning it off. After that you can restart the printer and it will be able to start printing.

Printer Specifications

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC (which stands for Passive Near Field Communication)
  • A 2-cell Li-Polymer 500mAh battery of 7.4V
  • Charge time of around ninety minutes
  • Advanced printing technology which makes use of thermal printing using ZINK Zero Ink and there is no ink cartridge
  • The printer has a memory of 512MB
  • This photo printer is also able to provide print quality of 313x400dpi
  • It is able to print photos of following formats: .tiff, .png, .jpeg, .gif and .bmp

Finally, we can confidently say that it certainly is a wonderful and compact printer everyone will like to own and flaunt!



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