Top 5 Cloud Computing Companies in the Market


Cloud computing resorts to utilizing an outsider system of remote servers facilitated on the web to store and deal with all your information, as opposed to locally storing them on your hard disk. Basically, Cloud Computing companies give you your own particular hard drive on the cloud or on the web. Such administrations have gotten large-scale publicity because of the fact that they are reasonable, helpful and give abundant storage room.

However, maybe the greatest appeal of such administrations is their availability; you can get to your archives, photographs, recordings and whatever other spared documents from any gadget with web access. With cloud administrations you can work at home, work or on the go by means of a portable PC, desktop, cell phone or other handheld gadget. A substantial number of World’s biggest tech organizations have propelled cloud administrations, including Apple, Amazon and Google. These tech giants, alongside some remarkable upcomers, give a varied range of options for both buyers and organizations. It ought to be taken into consideration that Microsoft Windows additionally offers Cloud storage. Be that as it may, Windows however does not match up to its competitors in the sense that, Windows gives such a little, restricted measure of free disk space (with no option to upgrade) as compared to its rivals. Below mentioned are some of the popular cloud computing companies:-

1. Amazon Web Services(AWS): 

Amazon’s cloud offering, popular referred to as AWS is potentially the greatest Cloud Computing organization as of now in the market. It is a pioneer in two of the most well-known types of distributed computing Infrastructure known as Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). As of late AWS declared its entry into China, which implicitly implies that the Cloud Computing industry is going to thrive in the world’s biggest economy. The uniqueness of AWS stems from the fact that it has a diverse customer base and the broadest range of use cases, including enterprise and mission critical applications. Notably it has also cut down on its prices in the face of competitors such as Google and Microsoft which also adds to its appeal to customers.

2. Google: 

Google’s very own Cloud Computing platform popularly referred to as the Google Compute Engine is one of the biggest competitors to Amazon’s AWS. In spite of the fact that the Compute Engine is constricted to all platforms of Google only and does not support Windows yet, it possess the potential to completely revolutionise the Cloud Computing whenever Google decides to support all available platforms in the market apart from its own platform. The Cloud Computing services provided by Google are fundamentally the same to Amazon’s AWS yet in some aspects Google clearly overpowers and beats AWS; like Amazon, Google’s Cloud foundation is fabricated to bolster their own business for the most part for Google Search, Gmail and different items. Google additionally claims fiber-optic systems, unlike Amazon, which depends on ISPs. Google has been in front of the product characterized organizing (SDN) diversion too, and can rival Amazon on all aspects. Luckily for Amazon, Google has not demonstrated any purpose to dominate Cloud Computing market yet, however given the current IT patterns and savvy points of interest of Cloud computing, we can expect it to happen sooner than later.

3. Microsoft: 

Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform, is a competitor to the already above mentioned Cloud Computing platforms and comes in with a strong grip over the market at present. Initially launched as a PaaS platform it soon improvised by adding IaaS functionality to its strengths. Microsoft’s image, existing client connections, profound interests in building, and aggressive roadmap have empowered it quickly to accomplish the status of a key cloud IaaS supplier. Notably, Azure has more than twice as much Cloud IaaS capacity as all the other vendors running behind it; if not for AWS, Microsoft would dominate the cloud. Perhaps, it is due to Microsoft’s financial powers that it still is able to subsist in the Cloud Computing market as Cloud requires gargantuan resources to be a vendor and the price competitions are notoriously tough.

4. Citrix: 

Citrix is yet another one of the many Cloud Computing companies available which is making rapid progress in terms of providing the latest and the most advanced open source software platform to build highly innovative and reliable cloud computing environments. The popularity of Citrix can be majorly attributed to the varied forms of Cloud Computing that it has to offers. The three forms of Cloud Computing that it offers can be classified into Hosted Public cloud, Hosted Private Cloud and On Premise Private Cloud. The recent announcement of Citrix in relation to introducing a new platform for Cloud Computing is aimed at going beyond a simple hosted workspace and envisions to provide a Cloud services delivery platform that enables enterprises and service providers to unify the commerce, provisioning, user management and operational aspect of a Cloud into a single cloud interface for delivering anything as a service.

5. Rackspace: 

Rackspace burst into the Cloud Computing arena by hosting and developing the much talked about open source cloud software, Openstack. Rackspace is primarily an open Cloud company which focuses on delivering enterprise level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. With a sizeable amount of loyal customer base, Rackspace integrates the industry’s best technologies for each customer’s specific need and delivers it as a service. Notably, Rackspace also launched a pilot training program named the Open Cloud Academy which is an educational program designed to provide students with affordable IT certifications, specifically around open Cloud technologies.


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