UE590 UHD Monitor Review
UE590 UHD Monitor Review – A Splendid Masterpiece for Out of This World Viewing Experience
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If you are looking for a monitor then Samsung’s UE590 UHD monitor should be on your list of monitors to review before you finalize on any particular one. So, let us look at details of specifications this monitor boasts of in the following sections.

UE590 UHD Monitor Review

UE590 UHD Monitor

Superior Picture Quality

Good thing about this monitor is that it allows gaming, PC viewing and a lot more in addition to its superb picture quality made possible by ultra-HD functionality. Moreover, you are assured stunning images due to the fact that monitor offers 4 times higher resolution in comparison to a full HD.

In addition to it, this ultra high definition monitor utilizes more than eight million pixels to offer unparalleled realism like you have never seen before. This all means that you get to enjoy 4k content that lets you experience lifelike details and you almost feel as if you are present at the location you are viewing on your monitor.

AMD FreeSync

AMD FreeSyncAMD freesync along with an incredible 1ms response time means you get to experience smooth images irrespective of the fact that it may be a very fast moving scene.

Main feature of AMD FreeSync is that as its name suggests, it is able to dynamically sync refresh rate of the screen according to frame rate of content that you are viewing so that input latency can be reduced. Furthermore, it also helps in lowering stutter as well as image tearing at the time you are playing any type of game.

Lastly, the response time of 1ms means that there will be least amount of blur, ghosting or judder when you are viewing something which is in motion.

Rich Color Spectrum

richcolorsUE590 UHD monitor review will remain incomplete if we do not talk about rich colors of this monitor. You will find it interesting to know that Samsung’s UE590 UHD offers sixty four times (one billion colors) higher color count in comparison to any conventional monitor.

What this means is that games, movies as well as all the other multimedia content looks natural, detailed as well as completely realistic.

Additionally, higher color count means that there is smoother transition from one tone to another so that you view an accurate as well as richer picture.

Easy Multitasking


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