9 types of ads that can be used for Facebook Advertising
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Do you know what separates social media marketing from other marketing options available out there? It’s the in-depth data of the users, especially in terms of the kind of interest users are having based on their likes and demographics like their age, sex and all because, they have themselves provided all these details on their profile. And all these data points are grouped by Facebook and provided as packages to advertisers for enhanced targeting of ads to their targeted audience. And now with the emergence of #hashtags advertisers/marketers can utilize the benefit of current trends as well in their marketing strategies. Personally, for me I was not the early believer of power of social media for advertisers but when we ran an event based campaign for one of our regular client, we never thought just creating a page for them and promoting an event on facebook will actually can have any impact, but with small of investment and precise targeting, that campaign ran pretty well and we got good engagement on the page. Not just that, but on the event day actually 200% more number of people showed up on the store of our advertiser as compared to previous events which was promoted on other marketing mediums.  This made me realized the power of social media on marketing prospective and it has opened a new avenue as well for us in terms of our offerings.

But before starting any Facebook Marketing Campaign, one should understand the key targeting options which are required for any campaigns. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Clear idea about you target audience: It’s very crucial to know and have a good grasp about your audience who can be your potential customers.
  2. Demographics: Age, Gender, Relationship, Education, Work, Languages, Life Events etc.
  3. Audience Interest: Figuring out what kind of interest my users are having can help you confine your marketing spends for more targeted users.
  4. Audience Behavior: This is also a very important factor, as behavior determines where these users mostly spend their time and what they usually do on Facebook. For Example: if your targeted audience are gamer’s who play social games or only Mobile Users, then this option can help you target those users.
  5. Region where they are: Sometimes it happens that your product or services can be useful to only urban or semi-urban cities, or may be even for some cities only, but we still tend to target complete country or region, we will definitely get more clicks but that is not of much use.

At this point, Facebook is offering 9 different types of Ads based on the Advertiser’s Objective. Objectives are what you want people to do when they see your ad. For example, there will be different ad for users whom you want to come to your event than users whom you want to visit your website. Below are the following listed with the explanation on which can be used where?

  1. Send People to your website: Here the objective is very clear, you want people to visit the site, explore options available on the website or visit other pages etc.
  2. Increase conversion on your website: You have a form in your landing page (page where user is landed ones they click on the ads.) where you want to collect some details about your user for future purposes like their email ID, mobile number etc. Then this type of campaign is best suited for you.
  3. Boost your Posts: If your objective is to make people engage with your page post, then this is a good option. By engaging means (Sharing, liking, commenting on the page post) it will attract good number of trusted audience who will engage with your page activity and may be further interested in reading posts from your page.
  4. Promote your page: To highlight any activity from the page, you need audience who like your page. And this ad type will exactly help you do that. To promote your page to more and more like, you can use this option.
  5. Get installs of your app: If you are an app developer or marketer and want people to install your app on their devices, then you can use this type of ad campaign. You can target the appropriate audience and get you apps installed.
  6. Increase engagement in your app: Once the user has installed the app, you want to be engaged with your app, then this could be the appropriate option.
  7. Raise attendance at your event: This mostly helps to Advertisers who are having some kind of offline event going on. You can promote the event on FB and get maximum exposure to your event so that people can attend and get the information about the event.
  8. Get People to claim your offer: If you are offering any products for sale and providing any kind of discounts or offer, which you want your customers should know, then this type of advertising can help you, interested users will click on the ads and claim your offer.
  9. Get Video Views: This type of advertisement is recently introduced by Facebook, if pictures are more than thousand words then imagine the power of a video. You can promote your offerings to users, if you want to give a good introduction about your product or service, then this type of activity can be of great help.


If you want to have good success from your marketing campaigns on Facebook, then many professionals suggests that it’s better to combine different types of ads and run campaigns, so that maximum exposure can be given to your offerings.


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