Facebook Instant Videos
How Instant Videos from Facebook Can be a Boon for Video Lovers and Publishers?
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If you are a regular Facebook user then there is good news for you. Facebook is testing a new feature which will help you enjoy Facebook videos without having to worry about exhausting your mobile data plan. How that can be possible? Let us go through details of Facebook instant videos which plans to achieve this goal.

In the following sections we will go through details of:

  • What are pre-loaded videos?

  • How these are similar to instant articles in terms of functionality?

  • How instant videos can be useful and to whom?

  • How it indicates direction social networking is moving towards?

What are Facebook Pre-loaded Videos or Instant Videos?

Cached & Downloaded Videos for Later Viewing on Mobile Devices

Instant VideosFacebook is carrying out tests on a new feature named instant videos which will not drain your internet subscription.

When fully functional (it is still in testing phase with only few people getting access to use this feature), the instant video feature will be used for downloading as well as caching Facebook videos directly onto your smartphone while you are browsing internet over a Wi-Fi network.

This way you will be able to watch the video later on without the need to utilize your internet data plan. You will be able to easily recognize a pre-loaded video by the lighting bolt icon present beside the video.

Similarity Between Instant Videos and Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Videos – Aiming to Capture Market Comprising Developing Nations

This feature is quite similar to instant articles functionality implemented by Facebook. It is a hosted content format which is able to load considerably faster in comparison to mobile sites and reduces the time users have to wait to see the content.

Usefulness of Instant Videos Functionality

Facebook’s instant videos feature can be beneficial in different ways. Let us go through the details in the next few sections.

Enhanced View-ability | Better Cached Video Content | Improved Ad Revenue for Publishers

  • Achieve Greater View-ability: This feature can be particularly useful for publishers since it can help them achieve greater view-ability of their video clips.

  • Better Caching of Video Content: Instant videos options will also be beneficial for the video content available on its Watch tab (it is worth mentioning here that recently Facebook has announced that it plans to invest about one billion on development of platform which will be solely used for video content). The reason is that it will be help in caching episodes so that users can view the videos even when they do not have a very good internet connection or if they do not want to consume their data plan while watching videos for a long time.

  • Higher Ad Revenue for Publishers: As Facebook has started allowing publishers as well as video creators to add ad breaks into their clips, such ads can also be included into these instant videos, thereby leading to greater revenue generation for publishers.

A Step Focusing on Future of Social Networking

Facebook being a leading social networking site is well aware of the fact that future lies in embracing videos as a means of delivering entertaining content to users and for developing interpersonal connections more than photographs or textual matter.

This step becomes important due to the fact that use of mobile video is increasing at a very rapid rate with an almost 53% yearly increase noticed on sites like Instagram in terms of engagement with videos.

To conclude we can easily say that it is a forward thinking initiative by Facebook and by taking steps to make the feature available on Android smartphones it will be able to target a large user base in the developing world.

Thus, it is a positive accessibility initiative which will help Facebook surpass its competitors like YouTube and Snapchat as well as gain access to newer markets in the developing world.

It is however not yet clear whether Facebook will be adding these videos on its video hub or these videos would be the ones that would appear in news feed. So, we will have to wait and closely monitor the progress to know how things unfold in the coming weeks or months.



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