How to Off Auto Play option on Facebook


Currently facebook has changed their default setting for video to Auto Play. They have done this to increase user engagement on Facebook Videos but honestly it’s quite annoying. And for the users who are using fixed data plan, from them bydefault it will act as a way to burn their data, unintentionally.

Enough Said, if you want to stop this autoplay video option. Here is the simplest step by step way to do it :

1. Log into your facebook profile under the drop down option available at the top right hand side and go to settings –



2. Under the settings tab,  at the end of the left hand side Sub-menu’s, click on the Video tab –


3.  Now in the drop down option of Auto Play Videos where you will see option as default select Off –


And that’s it you are done. Now no videos will be played by default when you scroll facebook.


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