Go social to develop cognizance about your product
Kickstart Product Launch – Go Social to Develop Cognizance About Your Product
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facebook_twitterIf you are trying to launch a product and want to build awareness about the same then you need to go social to develop cognizance about your product. Let us see how product launch and use of social media for promoting such a launch can blend together to produce effective results.

How to go social to develop cognizance about your product?

Product Launch and Use of Social MediaThere are certain steps which when taken in right manner can help you achieve this goal. Our aim here will be to explore these details so that you can make your product launch successful.

Step #1

Create an Attention-Grabbing Landing Page

landingpageIf you want to draw attention of your visitors then it will be necessary to have a good landing page with detailed information about your product and the ability to retain them for a longer duration on the page.

The page should be such that it is able to:

  • Create interest as well as suspense in visitors about your product
  • Grab email ids so that product launch can be announced to them
  • Take steps to build authority for the site

However, you might think that you do not have the budget to invest in proper website designing for the site. But, there is good news for you as there are free templates as well as themes available which can be used for creating a totally professional website.

Similarly, you can develop attractive banners as well as other header images to be used on social media platforms using several online services which offer multiple design options for you to choose from based upon your requirement.

Role of Social Media

At this initial stage you will have to go social to develop cognizance about your product. One of the important things you must do here is include important social sharing buttons in things like Email a Friend so that you can engage your visitors as well as spread awareness about your product.

Step #2

Make a Promotional Video

promotionalvideoNow you need not be a big brand to launch your video promo. It is possible to create awesome videos for free or for a very less cost using online tools. These online tools provide you:

  • Several templates to choose from
  • Title section where you can put your own text
  • Background music at no extra cost
  • Facility to upload as well as edit video clips you make yourself

Some online tools such as YouTube Online and iMovie can be used for creating explainer videos with relative ease. The final video can be added on the landing page along with other varied marketing assets to get more engagement from people visiting your site.

Role of Social Media

Here also product launch and use of social media need to be intermingled to achieve desired results. Few of the things you can do in this respect would consist of:

  • Use of YouTube as well as Facebook adds for generating higher number of clicks and views.
  • Utilize tools (like ViralContentBee) which can help in improving shares for videos you make.

Step #3

Contact Bloggers and Influencers

bloggersinfluencersThe next thing to do after landing page is created and all the marketing material has been prepared, will be to go social to develop cognizance about your product. For this you need to get in touch with influencers on different social media platforms and make them interested in talking about your product launch.

There are several things you can do to lure them like:

  • Provide them exclusive preview of your product or give them login to your site, free of cost.
  • Let them have access to free products as well as premium materials.
  • Allow them to make use of features available on your site like email account.

Lastly, while working with influencers you need to make sure that they have required disclosures that they would need while endorsing your product on social media channels.

Role of Social Media

Your connections on social media platforms will help you get in touch with influencers on these sites. Moreover, you can also ask followers to suggest influencers who can be helpful for you in achieving your promotion goals.

Step #4

Launch a Twitter Party

twitterpartyThe main aim of a Twitter Party is to celebrate start of any type of online endeavor through use of Twitter chat feature.

Often you will find such Twitter chats being used for celebrating launch of any new book, however, such chats can be utilized for any other type of launch. One of the online tools you can make use of for launching such Twitter chats is Twchat which makes it easier to brand as well as highlight all the influencers who are participating in the Twitter party.

Moreover, when you are using Twchat, it becomes possible to check the feed for hosts and mentors in different columns, making it easier and simpler to follow them.



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