Kickstart Product Launch – Go Social to Develop Cognizance About Your Product
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Influencers will be interested in attending such parties since it will provide them links out of the interview page and in addition to it, they will also be able to make new followers by taking part in the Twitter party.

Role of Social Media

In context of product launch and use of social media, apart from Twitter, you can also make use of Facebook events as well as groups and get better engagement for your virtual parties.

Step #5

Host a Webinar

webinarIf you seriously want to go social to develop cognizance about your product then one of the options you must explore consists of hosting a webinar.

Very similar in concept to a Twitter party, a webinar can be quite effective tool for engaging the influencers. In addition to it, webinars are a useful way of generating leads which in turn can assist you in building a pre-launch list of emails.

Such webinars can be combined with Twitter chat and group interview strategy to achieve effective results. As for instance,

  • Create slides using quotes provided by influencers so that such slides can be used in presentations you create.
  • Answer questions posted by followers during Twitter party at the time webinar is held.
  • Get better engagement at the time of webinar by allowing influencers to take part in the webinar.

There are several websites which give you the facility to host such webinars with relative ease and provide several facilities such as:

  • Custom invitations
  • Support for multi user platform
  • Waiting room along with an agenda and several other features

Role of Social Media

You can utilize help of your followers on social media platforms to make the webinar popular. Few of the sites which you can use for hosting a webinar also have excellent social media integration to that you can easily accomplish this goal.

Step #6

Make Interactive Quizzes

quizUsing a quiz you can direct your users through a conversion path that does not feel too intrusive. In addition to it, when planned in right manner, they can be quite addictive and generate interest in a user to take part in such quiz.

Now, there are several online tools which can be used for creating very interactive quizzes using simple drag and drop feature. Moreover, it becomes easier to create a quiz when you can do so in a very visual way.

As an end goal, you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter which in turn will allow them to get answers for the questions that were present in the quiz.

Role of Social Media

Product launch and use of social media need to go hand in hand so that you can achieve desired results. For this purpose you can make use of platforms such as Facebook to create quizzes as well as promote them.

Step #7

Set Up a Contest

contestContests helps you serve different purposes, let us go through the details in the following sections:

  • People feel more inclined in sharing results of the contest so that it gives them a better chance of winning.
  • Contest when planned in a proper way can be quite enjoyable to take part in.
  • You can make use of contests for building a fan base for your Facebook page, develop email list, get more engagement of social sites such as Facebook and build followers on Twitter.

Role of Social Media

Social media channels can help you get an idea about which type of contests work well and accordingly you can devise a strategy for creating your contests.

To conclude we can say that social media is certainly an effective promotional medium and can play its role in making your product launch successful.




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