Why There is So Much Uproar About Changes Twitter is Planning to Bring About in Its Terms of Service on October 2nd?
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The new changes Twitter is planning to bring about in its terms of service has made many people unhappy. So, what are these changes which are drawing so much attention as well as up-roarer? Let us find out.

Changes in Twitter’s Terms of Service (ToS) – The Primary Reason Behind the Up-roarer

Recently Twitter announced that it is planning to modify its TOS and these changes will be applicable specifically for Twitter users residing outside U.S. You can go through Twitter terms of service page to read all the details of what is mentioned in the “Your Rights” section.

These changes will be going into effect on October 2nd with main concerning issue that is drawing everyone’s attention is related to the section wherein it is mentioned that Twitter will have the right to offer embedded tweets as well as other content generated by the users to other companies for the purpose of distribution and promotions.

This would be applicable for news organizations that, as for instance, may be interested in broadcasting such content at the time of a syndicated show or it could be anyone else who is interested in embedding any of the tweets.

Specifics of the Changes in ToS

According to this clause in terms and conditions of service, Twitter will have the right to make content submitted on the site available to other organizations, companies or individuals for broadcast, syndication, publication or promotion of such type of content on any other media outlet or service, subjected to terms and conditions related to use of such content.

No Compensation for Content Creators

Twitter has further added that use of content by Twitter as well as other organizations will take place without any kind of compensation to creators of such content.

In addition to it, Twitter is displaying a pop up to users who will be affected by these changes in terms and conditions of service and instructing them to have a peek at the changes as well as agree to them. If they do not agree to those changes then they may well delete their account.

Royalty Free License and Authority to Sub-license

It is also mentioned in terms and conditions of service that users will be granting non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty free license as well as the giving authority to Twitter to sub-license such content and reproduce, publish, modify, display, adapt, and display such content using any distribution or media techniques.

The Discovery of the Issue

Twitter ToS Changes

This issue was at first pointed out by Richard de Nooy, a Twitter user who strongly refuted the changes in Twitter user agreement. Richard also categorically mentioned that these changes will be completely unfavorable for users who post original content.

The Response

Hundreds of Twitter users have in turn tweeted in reply to Richard’s post to show their agreement to what Richard has mentioned. On the other hand, some other users (like Alex Hern, writer at Guardian) have pointed out that such changes in terms of service are quite usual for any social media site.

changes in twitter terms of service

Changes in Twitter User Agreement – Is it really something to be concerned about?

Not really, news organizations as well as other companies have the right to utilize content available on the site as they like since such content is already in public domain and use of such content is considered to be fair use.

Few of the other changes that Twitter is planning to bring about in its Terms of Service include:

  • Changes in language used for describing rights Twitter will have with respect to removal of content that would be violating site’s user agreement.

  • Deletion of specific limitations of liability, as for instance, any user’s liability with respect to accessing as-is content which may be damaging.

  • Addition of a thirty-day notice with respect to the changes occurring in terms which impacts rights of others, earlier, it used to be only a promise.

Well, from above details it is quite clear that the changes in Twitter user agreement can have far fledged implications and compel organizations as well as individuals to re-think how much original content they want to publish on Twitter.



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