finding startup accelerators in America
A Guide to Accomplishing the Challenge of Finding Startup Accelerators in America
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Startup accelerators play a vital role in growth and development of new startups since they provide budding startups with things like capital, support with development of their products, facilitate necessary education, offer co-working space as well as access to a support network. Moreover, they also enable start-ups properly prepare for venture capital.

As such, startup accelerator industry has been growing at a fast year in the last few years, making finding startup accelerators in America a challenging task. In the following sections we will look at few of the most well-known startup accelerators in the US you can select from.

Accomplishing the Challenge – Finding Startup Accelerators in America

Y Combinator


A team of 60 people, they have been instrumental in success of several startups including the likes of Stripe and Airbnb. They have been so popular due to the fact that they have an excellent capital network and are capable of providing superior mentorship.

Furthermore, there is an active community always present to help you out every step of the way. Additionally, Y Combinator also hosts office hours so that start up founders can get one on one attention from their mentors. Last but not the least, you as a founder of a startup can have any number of meetings with your mentor so that you get maximum assistance.

500 Startups


500 Startups is better known as a startup accelerator that helped Twilio, which presently has a market cap in excess of $2.5 billion. The thing that makes them unique is that apart from running series A program as well as a seed program, they also have global partnerships that helps in creation of useful startup ecosystems all around the globe.

In addition to it, they have also created a special task force which has the responsibility of improving count of female founders that are interviewed for the seed program they have.

Another interesting fact about them is that almost 45% of their total portfolio comprises of startups from racial minorities.



This startup accelerator was started in 2006 and one of their notable successes is ClassPass which has a current valuation of about $500M.

Here it is imperative that we mention few things about them. First of all, they have a 3-month program as well as a mentorship program that is empathetic and optimistic.


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