A Guide to Accomplishing the Challenge of Finding Startup Accelerators in America
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As soon as you are into their program, you get the freedom to select a work environment that you like and in addition to it, there are about 34 locations that you can choose from to continue the program they have on offer.



MassChallenge has a large team of about 175 people who have played their role in creation of almost sixty thousand jobs all around the world.

Looking at their features, first of all, they are a non-profit organization and secondly, they provide a cash prize of two million dollars (that too, equity free) so that startups can succeed in their endeavors.

If you are a startup firm looking for a startup accelerator then this list will give a clear idea of where to look for.

Plug and Play

plugandplayThis startup accelerator has been instrumental in success of several startups and almost four hundred startups have set up their office within headquarter building of Plug and Play.

One of the well-known startups which Plug and Play helped is LendingClub, which has earned a market cap of two billion dollars. Having their office in 22 location in every corner of the globe, they are a unique startup accelerator due to the number of startups they help in a given year with seed investment made in more than hundred startups every year.

Moreover, they do not ask for equity from startups joining their program as well as accept startup from every stage of development and of any size.

In addition to it, they also connect startups with their 180 corporate partners so that both parties can flourish through mutual growth, investments and acquisitions.


coplexHaving helped over 250 software startups, they have many success stories to talk about and one of the most promising of all is Pluto TV that has recently crossed the valuation of $140 million. They are best known for their lean startup program wherein founders are promoted who have good business experience and want to start a company with the aim of solving a problem or software issues in the sphere they are fully conversant with.

Moreover, if your concept is of some value then it will not take more than eight weeks to get investment for the same.


dreamitSince it inception in 2008, Dreamit has helped more than three hundred startups, with most notable of them all being SeatGeek which stands presently at a valuation of about $200 million.

If you have a market ready product then Dreamit is the startup accelerator you need to get in touch with.  They also provide startups with a sales pipeline, easy access to investors and several other resources.

Moreover, they have two programs for you to choose from:

  • Dreamit Health: Here you will find the largest tech network focused towards health industry and gives you the chance to integrate your products into pharmaceutical firms.
  • Dreamit UrbanTech: This the other program where startups focused on construction tech, IoT, urban tech and real estate tech get the opportunity to get new customers.



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