George Matus, The Teenager Who Succeeded in Raising $2.8 Million for His Startup Teal
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Recently George Matus came into limelight by raising $2.8 million for his startup Teal while still doing his high school classes. So, let us look at what his startup is about and how he accomplished this task as a teenager.

George Matus, a Teen Entrepreneur

Just 18, George is now the chief executive as well as founder of Teal (that sells commercial drones), one of the early stage startups which has been able to raise $2.8 million by way of seed funding.

Moreover, Peter Thiel’s foundation also gave him $100,000 to work on his project and to build a team, all this while also continuing his high school.

According to George, “It has been a steep learning curve”. As founder of Teal, he had the sole responsibility of managing workers as well as pitching venture capitalists for his project.

How it all started?

As per George, the obsession started at the age of eleven when their family moved into their new house in Salt Lake City which had a sprawling backyard to work as right launchpad for his DIY endeavors like flying his own DIY aircrafts.

By the age of 16, he has gained complete knowledge of how drones work as well as had market knowledge to understand the gaps that existed.

As soon as he had a stable model in mind of the drone he wanted to develop, he took help of a venture capitalist to start raising seed capital for his project.


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