Top 10 Digital Pens
Top 10 Digital Pens – For Simplifying Task of Taking Notes or Making Sketches
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Want to purchase a digital pen? Then you have many options to choose from, just go through the below mentioned list of top 10 digital pens to find that perfect smart pen.

Top 10 Digital Pens

#1: Mobile Notes Pro

Mobile Notes Pro

A notable thing about this digital pen is that it is a Bluetooth enabled smart pen. Using this digital pen you are able to convert handwritten material into text on a PC as well as on mobile devices. In addition to it, you can use the pen for storage as well as easy sharing with others.

Here ultrasound and infrared technology is utilized for sending message from and to pen’s sensors. There is also a positional receiver that works in conjunction with the pen for creating a digital page which is able to recreate the writing into a vector image.

#2: Livescribe 3

It is available for iOS 7, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 2 and iPod Touch (Fifth Generation) devices and similar to Mobile Notes Pro, comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

On one end of the pen you will find a ballpoint nib which allows you to scribble anything on paper similar to how you use a normal pen while smartpen functionality is turned off.


The opposite end of the pen consists of a micro USB charging port which can be used for charging the pen. However, to utilize this pen you will require proprietary paper that is produced by Livescribe.


The best thing about it is that it is able to provide most precise handwriting conversion. In addition to it, it easily syncs and this digital pen’s app facilitates effortless sharing of notes.

#3: Pulse Smartpen

Pulse Smartpen

Featuring on 3rd position in this list of top 10 digital pens, Pulse Smartpen is also made available by Livescribe. Special thing about it is that it is equipped with a recording device as well as a microphone (which you can mute if you would like to) and is able to digitally duplicate the notes and also share them.

This digital pen has a special ink and a OLED screen located on base of the pen that is used for displaying features menu plus the camera on the tip of the pen.

It is also possible to use this pen for writing on Anoto tablet, which is a tablet that is specially designed for this purpose.

#4: Wacom Inkling Sketch Pen

Wacom Inkling Sketch Pen

Specifically designed to meet drawing needs, it makes use of infrared technology for transcribing the sketches and comes with storage of as much as 2GB for storing the images.

After completing your drawing you can utilize the USB cable for offloading all the sketches onto your system and open them using applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

However, on the negative side, it lacks features like handwriting recognition and wireless connection.

#5: Neo Smartpen N2

Neo Smartpen N2

Another in the list of top 10 digital pens, it utilizes dual core processor and also has Bluetooth functionality which makes it easy to send all the notes to your computer with relative ease.

Few of the other interesting features of this digital pen are that it can record audio and you can jot down the notes in different colors. Additionally, it also comes with transcription feature but on the downside, if you are interested in printing your work then it will be necessary to make use of proprietary paper from Neo.

#6: Equil Jot


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