10 interesting applications of virtual reality
Top 10 Interesting Applications of Virtual Reality That are Worth Looking At
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Virtual reality has made great strides in recent years and now there are interesting applications which make use of virtual reality to make life easier for us. Our aim here will be to look at top 10 interesting applications of virtual reality. So, let us get started!


Top 10 Interesting Applications of Virtual Reality

#1: At the Crime Scenes


Earlier it was normal for juries to take a physical tour of the crime scene but availability of videos and high-quality photos have helped to stop that process. Moving ahead, researchers are planning to introduce VR (virtual reality) headsets as one of the courtroom equipment that juries can use.

The idea is to scan crime scene with the help of lasers or create proper documentation of the space with the help of 3D videos that make use of drones.

Its main benefit will be that complex details can be clarified easily and lead to less number of hearings.

#2: In Vehicle Manufacturing Process


One of the most interesting VR technologies we will look into in our list of top 10 interesting applications of virtual reality is known as CAVE which stands for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment.

In CAVE there is a room which is cube shaped with all the walls functioning as 3D projectors. You can wear special glasses and then analyze 3D objects from different angles.

Another thing to mention here is that Ford has already started using this technology wherein a vehicle’s physical model is overlaid with its virtual model so that engineers can interact with it. The benefit of this technique is that it helps in reducing the need to develop several physical models while there are design problems and in turn helps the company save a lot in terms of investment it has to make during product development.

#3: In the Realm of Marketing


Virtual reality is being used by marketers to make ads interesting for consumers. As for instance, Google has developed what is known as Cardboard device that is equipped with stereo lenses that are mounted in a real cardboard viewer.

This cardboard device functions in conjunction with smart phones and you can use them for viewing VR content with relative ease as well as cost effectively.

Similarly, many of the auto manufacturers such as Volvo and BMW have commissioned virtual races as well as test drives. Few of the other companies which have started using VR for marketing purpose include well known clothing labels such as Dior and Hugo Boss who have created marketing campaigns in which customers are put right next to the runway during fashion shows. The future surely looks bright for VR marketing!

#4: Utilization in Architecture

Architects can effectively utilize virtual reality for quickly adding, subtracting as well as tweaking design elements in a completely virtual space. Similarly, applications such as Tilt Brush from Google help users paint as well as design in a virtual 3D space.

#5: The Roller Coasters

Way back in 2015, some of the theme parks in Canada started experiments with roller coaster rides which were virtual reality augmented. Here headsets were used that were smart phone compatible and displayed scenes synced with twists as well as turns of the roller coaster ride. Last year few of the US theme parks also joined the bandwagon.

As for instance, one of the theme parks, Six Flags has developed a VR backed roller coaster ride wherein you continue firing at all the virtual targets while going up and then the tormenting alien invasion starts. You as well as the other riders have to swoop as well as dive through different streets in the virtual city and all these dives are perfectly timed to match the real swoops as well as dives that you will encounter while taking the roller coaster ride.


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