Unaccustomed Errands Robots Handle
Top 10 Interesting Yet Unaccustomed Errands Robots Handle
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Robots have been known to perform varied tasks. But there are also few unaccustomed errands robots handle that you will find interesting to read. So, let us go through details of some of the tasks you may not expect a robot to perform.

Unaccustomed Errands Robots Handle

#1 – A Buddhist Monk

PepperbuddhistmonkPepper, this is the name of the robot which would be working as a Buddhist monk.

SoftBank Group Corp. is the name of the Japanese company that developed this robot, a 120 centimeter tall robot that has been designed to function as alternative for the human priest.

Now, all you will have to do is shell-out ¥50,000 and hire this robotic monk for presiding over funerals of people who were not that close enough to spend a lot on their funeral by hiring an actual monk.

Moreover, Pepper is not inclined towards any specific denomination and as such is able to perform such type of service for all the primary Buddhist sects. You may find it interesting to know but there are already ten thousand Peppers around the world.

#2 – Baseball Fans

baseballfanrobotsThese robots are being used by a Korean baseball team to work as fans.  Hanwha Eagles is filling up the stadiums with these robots instead of making an attempt to attract humans.

Right from their first game, Hanwha Eagles were facing loss in their every game and that meant the stadium was always empty. To tackle this issue what the team did was create a set of robots who will be filling up empty rows at the stadium as well as do other things such as chant, cheer, perform waves and other things we expect humans to do while watching a game.

Moreover, real fans can log into these robots and use the system which would allow them to project their own face on the display screen of the robots. Now with implementation of this system, Hanwha Eagles players are playing in front of robots which have been specifically programmed to shout for them as well as cheer them.

#3 – Robotic Babies

kirobominibabyrobotIn Japan, birth rates are plummeting and as a solution, people in Japan are looking to use robots which would replace babies. It is also a fact that many of the young adults in Japan are not marrying and as such, are left with lack of happiness which can be replenished by love a child provides.

Now, these robots are going to enact this role and provide happiness to people in Japan.

The name of this robot is Kirobo Mini that has been designed in such a way that it can replicate the emotional connection that is often present between a baby and her mother. So, what are some of the things that this robot can do.

  • First of all, it can wobble quite like infants do while they learn to walk, helping to trigger the maternal instincts.
  • The robots is also able to recognize mother and respond to calls from mother using child like coos which are high pitched coos.

The other good thing about this robot is that it is small enough and you can easily put it into your pocket. Additionally, you can switch it off whenever you do not feel like having its company.

#4 – Food Critics

edeliciousfoodcritice-Delicious is the name of the robot which has been developed by the Thai government to specifically work as a food critic.

It all started when Yingluck Shinawatra, former PM of Thailand started feeling frustrated about below started Thai food available around the world. She was quite determined to do something about it and it was decided that the government will develop a robot which will be able to act as a food critic.

Interesting thing about this robot is that it is able to perform scientific evaluation of any particular Thai cuisine as well as check chemical makeup of any particular dish with standards specified by the government and then provides the food a specific mathematical score.

According to the team that developed the robot, it would be the most cost effective and simplest approach to grade food.

#5 – Sales Representative

Samantha West sales robotSamantha West is the name of the robot who acts like a real person and works as a telemarketer, one of the unaccustomed errands robots handle. Conceptualized by Premier Health Agency, a life insurance firm, the robot makes use of pre-recorded messages and asserts that you are speaking with real person and not some automated response system.

It has also been programmed to deny that it is a robot and re-affirms that you are talking with a real person and not a robot. Moreover, Samantha becomes confused if you get on a topic other than insurance while talking with her.

#6 – Music Composer


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