Android 7.1.2 app development trends for 2018
Top 10 iPhone and Android 7.1.2 App Development Trends for 2018 to Watch Out for
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We are quite close to end of 2017 and 2018 holds a lot of promise in terms of what we can expect to see in terms of new mobile app development. Moreover, businesses are increasingly embracing mobile apps as a means of attracting customers towards their products and services, which in turn is fueling further growth of mobile app developments.

So, let us peek into the future and analyze iPhone and Android 7.1.2 app development trends for 2018 that will help in improving our lives.

A Sneak Peek into iPhone and Android 7.1.2 App Development Trends for 2018


Mobile app development industry is experiencing rapid growth and this growth has been fueled by manifold increase in use of apps by smartphone users. The fast growth of mobile app industry can be judged by the fact that this year there would be almost 260 billion downloads of free apps, a major jump from the insignificant 57 billion mark in 2012.

The mobile app market is primarily dominated by the likes of Google and social media sites as well as the gaming platforms.

However, many of the large organizations such as banks, retailers and businesses that are part of the hospitality industry have joined the bandwagon and are utilizing their apps as part of their branding efforts and also to improve customer engagement with their business. So, let us check out what we can expect in 2018 in terms of mobile app development.

iPhone and Android 7.1.2 App Development Trends for 2018: #1 Wearables and IoT Apps

iotappsIt is expected that in 2018 IoT apps will become mainstream and would be utilized in everything right from education to healthcare, to smart offices and smart homes. We can already experience this trend where apps such as Apple watch apps are gaining popularity on a continual basis.

On similar lines, Google has launched Android Things with the primary goal of increasing adoption of IoT.

Moreover, with increase in demand as well as use of connected things, there will be a need for apps that will work on smart devices apart from smart phones and mobile app developers will have the responsibility of meeting as well as surpassing those demands.

iPhone and Android 7.1.2 App Development Trends for 2018: #2 Mobile Payment Apps

mobilepaymentappsNormally, while doing online shopping through mobile apps we usually make a payment through our cards (debit or credit cards) or Internet banking. However, this trend is shifting towards use of m-commerce with the advent of platforms such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Thus, in 2018 we can expect this trend to become popular and become mainstream.

iPhone and Android 7.1.2 App Development Trends for 2018: #3 Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Apps


Next year we can expect VR and AR to move beyond gaming and entertainment to reach other sectors of the industry still untouched by this new technology.


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