Top 10 Technological Achievements of 2017 That Promise to Change Our Future
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Technology helps to bring about social advancement and improves our lives. As such, let us look at few of the interesting technological achievements that are catching the headlines in 2017.

Top 10 Promising Technological Achievements for 2017

#1 – Liquid Biopsies

liquidbiopsiesThis is considered among major technological advances and a step towards our fight against cancer. Liquid biopsies would especially be a viable alternative in situations where it is not possible to take the usual tissue based biopsies.

Moreover, this type of biopsies would be offering a complete spectrum of data which is not available when tissue samples are taken since such tissue samples only reflect the details present in that sample.

Lastly, by analyzing circulating tumor DNA, these liquid biopsies are able to spot things like:

  • Genetic material which gets into blood stream from cancer cells.

  • Additionally, treatment resistance as well as progression of diseases can also be quickly traced.

#2 – Clean Water Out of Thin Air

harvestwaterAnother of the technological achievements worth looking at relates to extraction of clean water from air. This is not a new technology but existing technology consumes lot of electricity and there should also be high moisture in air for the techniques to work properly.

But now with advent of this new technique (developed by a team consisting of experts from University of California and MIT), things are going to change drastically. Here experts are using porous crystals for converting water without use of any type of energy.

#3 – Deep Learning

computervisionDue to advancement in technology it is now possible for computers to recognize images, sometimes even better than we humans do. This has become possible because of what is known as deep learning which is a branch of artificial intelligence.

A real breakthrough technology, this type of computer vision technology is currently being used for tasks such as:

  • Medical diagnostics

  • Driving autonomous vehicles

  • Monitoring of crop yield

  • Monitoring of water levels

  • Damage assessment with respect to insurance claims

#4 – Liquid Fuels

liquidfuelsNow experts are trying to devise a way which will allow them to imitate what ordinary plant leaves do so easily. Scientists are attempting to perform artificial photosynthesis which will help them in generating as well as storing energy.

Considered a breakthrough technology, here the focus is on utilizing catalysts (sun activated) which can divide water molecules into hydrogen and water. After that the hydrogen will be used for converting available CO2 into required hydrocarbons.

When implemented, this technology will prove to be quite revolutionary for the wind as well as solar industry.


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