Weird Futuristic Technologies
Top 10 Weird Futuristic Technologies That Seem to be Out of a Science Fiction Movie
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Want to know more about few of the weird futuristic technologies that feel as if they are coming straight out of a science fiction movie? Then, continue reading since in the following sections we will be looking at top 10 such technologies that you might not have heard about.

Top 10 Weird Futuristic Technologies

#1: Smell O Scope


Those who like Futurama already know about Professor Farnsworth and his popular smell o scope which is capable of smelling scents even when the scent is coming from some place that is across our universe.

Now, with advancement in technology and because of steps taken by DDEH (Denver Department of Environmental Health), this fictional concept has become a reality. Named, “The Nasal Ranger”, it is a device which functions in exactly the same way as smell-o-scope worked.

However, the primary function of this device is to sniff out illegal drugs such as marijuana moving around in our neighborhood.

#2: Laces for the Future

Laces for the Future

Many of us find tying shoe laces a very boring task and our thoughts have been read by Blake Bevin, who is the designer of this technology which makes it possible to automatically tie the shoe laces.

Here the shoe contains small motors which operate this functionality and there are sensors which help the shoe in accomplishing this task.

#3: Ice Nine Polymer

Ice Nine PolymerIce Nine was a unique polymer in Cat’s Cradle, a well-known novel by Kurt Vonnegut and this polymer was capable of freezing an entire ocean!

Now, Dutch researchers have made this a reality with development of a synthesized polymer which is capable of quickly jellifying something as large as a swimming pool (Olympic sized) when it is heated up to a specific temperature.

This polymer known as polyisocyanide consists of helical backbone that is surrounded by peptide arms and is coated using oxygen and carbon chains which are capable of pushing H2O molecules away for creating a structure similar to a gel, just within a few seconds.

Apart from using it for water, this technology can be used for better practical applications like quickly plugging up fatal wounds.

#4: A Suit with Spidey Sense

Mateevitsi is the name of graduate student who has created this suit which has been named Spider Suit.

The suit consists of minuscule robotic arms that are fitted all around the suit and there are microphone modules also which perform the function of sending as well as receiving ultrasonic sounds to and from its surrounding environment.

As soon as the sensors detect any type of threat, they put pressure on closet body part so that the body part moves in that direction. During tests, people taking part in the test were blindfolded and other test subjects threw cardboards towards blindfolded subjects. It was noticed that in almost ninety five percent of times the blindfolded subjects were able to attack thrown towards them in the form of cardboards.

This can be an important technological advancement which would help us when we are going towards our home at night or if an elderly is walking alone in some deserted street.

#5: Taste Simulator

tastesimulatorDo you want to taste any of the foods available in a video game or taste specific flavors of favorite food? This is now possible because of the efforts put in by Singapore’s National University for developing the DTID or Digital Taste Interface Device.


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