Top 10 Weird Futuristic Technologies That Seem to be Out of a Science Fiction Movie
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Now using this device, you will be able to taste anything you want through use of electrodes. Here a tiny silver electrode is attached to tongue’s tip and as such tricks our taste buds so that we experience different tastes. This task is achieved by manipulating temperature, frequency as well as current.

Some practical applications of this technology involve helping diabetes patients get the taste of sweet without the resultant spike in sugar levels when they actually eat something sugary. Similarly, cancer patient will be able to get the taste of their favorite things even when they are going through chemo therapy.

#6: Magnetic Shoes

magnetic shoesColin Furze has developed Magneto, these are magnetic shoes which can be used for walking on ceiling since it makes use of magnetic coils that are present at the bottom of these shoes.

When current runs within these coils, a magnetic attraction is created and helps him walk over any type of metallic surface.

#7: Algae Suit

Algae SuitAlgae as we all know is very nutritious and a major source of oxygen on our planet. Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta have painstakingly designed biotechnology suit that is able to trap moisture for keeping wearers body hydrated even when the person is in a harsh landscape such as a desert.

This feat is accomplished by trapping CO2 within a breathing mask and then this CO2 is transported into a location where algae colony has been created.

When the colony comes in contact with sunlight and photosynthesis occurs, the wearer creates an edible food supply that is completely self-sustaining.

#8: Real Transformers

Transformers are going to be a reality very soon due to the efforts put in by engineers at MIT who have developed M-blocks, which are one form of self assembling cubes. These cubes have the capability to move, leap, roll as well as climb despite the fact that they do not have any kind of external parts.

This feat has been accomplished due to presence of internal fly wheel that has the capability of spinning at about 20,000 RPM. In case this rotation stops, angular momentum of the cube goes outward and makes such movement possible.

Moreover, there are magnets present in faces as well as edges of the cube so that it can be attached with other cubes. This makes it possible for the cubes to attain any shape you desire and you can use them for creating buildings that can self assemble or build giant robots.

#9: Zebedee Scanner

This technology is finding its place in law enforcement tasks where it is used for creating a 3D map of a crime scene. These 3D maps work as accurate evidence of a crime and also make it possible to gain future access to a crime location as well as places which are otherwise hard to reach.

This device makes use of LIDAR scanner (2D) and it sends laser beams to scan objects present in a thirty meter range. Apart from mapping crime scenes, it can also be used for mapping of heritage sites as well as similar other purposes.

#10: Touch Things Remotely

inFormTechnological advancement by MIT will not make it possible for you to touch things remotely.

inForm is the name of the device which can make this seemingly impossible task possible. Now, using this device you will be able to remotely manipulate things present in that remote location.

The device is quite similar to a pinscreen and here all the pins are connected with a motor. These motors in turn are attached to a circuit board and a micro-controller. Person’s actions are replicated on the other side with the help of a Xbox Kinect, which serves the purpose of tracking those movements as well as rendering them.

Using this device it will be possible for you to move, touch and even shape things that are at some other place. This technology will specially be useful when doctors have to remotely perform surgery.

These technological advancements certainly fall in the category of weird futuristic technologies but these also hold a lot of promise for our future.



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