ten unheard car gadgets
Top Ten Interesting Yet Unheard Car Gadgets That You Must Have
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Driving a car will now be easier with these top ten unheard car gadgets which have distinctly unique features that will make things easier while you are on the road. So, let us delve into details of these unheard car gadgets in the following sections.

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets Worth Purchasing

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets: #1 – The Z-Edge Dashcam

Z-Edge dashcam

Well, the first think that comes to mind when you see a Dashcam is that it will be great for shooting memorable videos of your long drives to the mountains or to the beach. However, it can serve another purpose apart from helping you record memorable moments.

In case of accidents (such as a car crash), the footage taken by Dashcam can be helpful in finding out who was actually responsible for the accident.

The good thing about Z-Edge dashcam is that it is capable of shooting at 30fps and automatically switches on when car is started and switches off as soon as the ignition is turned off.

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets: #2 – Suaoki Jump Starter Kit

Suaoki portable jump starter kit

It is quite unlikely that you will be able to find someone when a jump is needed and as such, a jump starter kit becomes a must have inclusion in your car.

Basically, it is one type of battery source which can be used for starting the car in case it dies. All you will have to do is hook on the clamps of the jump starter kit to battery of your car. Moreover, you can also make use of it as an additional back-up power source.

In addition to it, this jump starter kit from Suaoki also consists of a built-in flash light and according to the company, this kit can be used for starting a car up to twenty-two times on a single charge.

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets: #3 – Belkin Bluetooth Kit

Belkin Bluetooth car kit

Do not have Bluetooth in your car? If so, then don’t worry about how to connect your car with your smart phone through Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth car kit made available by Belkin is able to easily plug-in into the car so that you can connect the same with your phone and start playing music or making calls through car’s speakers.

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets: #4 – Maxboost USB Charger

Maxboost USB charger

Going on a long trip and worried about having a dead phone in the middle of your journey since your car does not have a USB port?

Well, now you do not have to worry since you can plug in Maxboost USB charger into your car and start charging your mobile on the go. Moreover, there are multiple ports so that you can charge more than one phone at a time.

Top Ten Unheard Car Gadgets: #5 – Automatic Car Adapter

Automatic car adapter

It is a rather small adapter which can be plugged into port available for on-board diagnostics in your car to collect a range of data about the car.

Additionally, it can be paired with your smartphone using Bluetooth so that you can you can view details such as diagnosis of engine problems, information related to trip history you had, details of locations where you had parked your car and can also make a call for assistance if any accident takes place.


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